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Superglue Live Resin Infused Joints | 5 Pack

Effects: Relaxed, Calm
Taste: Pine, Pepper, Woody
Genetics: Afghani x Northern Light

Discover the essential, pocketable live resin infused pre-rolls for your daily adventures. With just the right balance of potency, Superglue delivers a clear-headed high, ideal for a lively and social afternoon. Indulge in the velvety fusion of smooth pine and caramel notes, creating a comforting aura that emboldens your spirit. Whether exploring the great outdoors with a friend or grooving to your favorite tunes while getting things done, Superglue infuses every moment with warmth and vitality.

Our Flower is...

Sun-grown on an organic farm in Cortland, NY (Finger Lakes region) using regenerative farming practices - improving soil health and paying farmers a living wage.


Packaged in recyclable, airtight tins.

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