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CBD Flowers 101: How We Grow High-Quality Hemp

CBD Flowers 101: How We Grow High-Quality Hemp

The why and how of growing our incredible CBD flowers actually starts further back, before we had any hemp growing in our fields. 

Our farm in upstate New York has been organically maintained for nearly a decade, first as an organic veggie farm, then for organic hemp growing and processing. While Florist Farms isn't yet USDA Organic Certified, everything grown on our farm is done so with the same organic growing practices.

We’re dedicated to regenerative farming, so that means our crops are rotated to help prevent our soil from getting stale. Different plants give and take different nutrients during their lifecycle. By rotating crops, we can help replace what’s used up by one crop and provide bonus nutrients for another.

It also means that our hemp grows in the same soil as our organic vegetables, and that it's never treated with pesticides or chemicals.

That way, when crops are rotated again, a field of carrots can be planted where hemp was the year before, and we can keep our organic vegetables organic. We even weed the fields by hand after our tractor passes through for the first pull.

For our team these organic requirements aren't just rules, we truly think they help us grow better hemp! Better for you and us, and better for the environment.

As a fully farmer-owned business, we know quality products come from quality plants. And for Florist Farms, that means you get the meatiest, densest flower we can grow! 

We use more than just the buds for our full-spectrum Head and Heal products (the flower, leaves, and other trim material all go into our oils). We even use the stems for packing material!

That allows us to reserve the tightest, top-most buds, or “cola” for Florist Farms. 

When you open your Florist Farms bag and see the cbd flowers inside you’ll notice they look… incredible. Neatly trimmed. No shake or stems. Just really awesome-looking and delicious-smelling buds. 

We know we can't control nature, but each season our crew works hard on everything we can control to get the best hemp flower into your hands.